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Meet the team

Our team is diverse and each of us brings our unique perspectives to help solve our customer's problems.

Nathan Nguyen

Nathan Nguyen, CFEI®, CCFS®, is a serial entrepreneur, financial educator & investor, best-selling author, business trainer, and game creator.

As a business consultant and trainer, he is helping small businesses increase profitability and efficiency through utilizing smart systems, high ROI marketing campaigns, and developing improved business operations.

Brian Bober

Brian is the Co-Founder of Schedule Anyone, where he drives product management, design, and user experience for Schedule Anyone's suite of products.

Brian is passionate providing solutions for small businesses after watching his wife struggle with the salon solutions available.

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Anna Pak

Anna is an Advisor to Membership Salons and Schedule Anyone. Anna was selected to serve on our Advisory Board due to her broad industry experience in the beauty industry.

Joel D'Souza

Joel is the Co-Founder of Schedule Anyone, where he leads technical and marketing activities for Schedule Anyone's suite of products.

Joel is passionate about helping small businesses grow using technology as a strategic asset.

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